By choosing reusable, plastic free alternatives made from natural materials you are reducing the impact single use plastic has on our environment!


The perfect gift for families.


The kit includes-

(12) 11''x11'' unpaper "paper" towels (Space Aliens Pizza Print- glows in the dark) 

Soft cotton flannel soaks up spills and washes clean for reuse.

Machine wash(without fabric softener to maintain absorbency) and tumble dry low or hang to dry.

This cotton fabric becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash.




(5) 7''x7'' snack bags (Galaxy Stars Print)

100% cotton outside & vinyl liner inside (food safe) 

The fold over pocket secures food and is easily folded back to allow little hands to dig in. Big enough for a sandwich. Not just for school lunches, these handy little bags can be packed into your own handbag/bag for a zero-waste, plastic free snack on the go.

Hand wipe or machine washable.


Buy local online and support small business <3

Space Aliens Zero Waste Starter Pack